Protagonisti evento internazionale

Pietro Negri

Chairman of the Italian Forum for sustainable finance and Head of ANIA’s sustainability department and listed companies at Borsa italiana

He is a habilitated lawyer and a dormant insurance Agent registered in the RUI (Register of Insurance Intermediaries). Head of sustainability department, he works in ANIA since 1992 as the Legal and Compliance Department and he deals with Antitrust Compliance and Internal Audit, Institutional Relationships with the Authorities of the sector, Commercial and Corporate Law, Protection of Savings and Consumer Protection. He is a member of the technical secretariat of the Committee for the corporate governance of Borsa Italiana. From 2000 to 2005 he has been assistant to the President and to the General Director of ANIA. In the role of ANIA’s Corporate Social Responsibility Manager he cooperates constantly, since its creation, with the Forum for Sustainable Finance and the Social Impact Agenda Association for Italy. He published many juridical articles and articles inherent to the role of the insurance sector in climatic change and to present changes in the business deriving from connected insurance. He coordinated the Insurance Working Group in the National Dialogue for Sustainable Finance promoted by UNEP-FI and by the Ministry of the Environment.